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Each year Penfolds Roofing & Solar aims to increase their presence within the community and in 2016 employees came together to give their time for some great causes. The weekend of June 4th, a team of employees worked hard, in conjunction with The Home Team, to give a family in need a renovation to their home. To provide some much-needed relief from the stress of the work required on their home, they participated in roofing, painting, cleaning, dismantling and anything else they could assist with! This was then later revealed to the very deserving homeowner and aired on television. For many years now Penfolds has been a supporter and sponsor of the Salvation Army. Each year they attend “The Hope in the City Breakfast” event to show their continued support and donations, including this year in November. Most recently, Penfolds raised enough money to provide over 200 sandwiches as well as soup, hot chocolate and warm clothing for those in need in the DTES. On December 8th, employees stood in the cold to greet those in need with warm food, clothes and conversation.

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